It's easy to create run of the mill. That's not us though. 

Coherent Designs is about custom. It's through our dedication, concentration and creativity that we're able to provide impactful emotive LASER shows. Because we specialize in LASER, we're able to hone in on every detail of Laser show production.


You'll put your eye out kid.


Lasers are dangerous, they can cause permanent eye damage, burn property and more. Coherent Designs prides itself on safety. All shows we produce are 100% safe and compliant with all local and federal laws. We follow rigorous safety standards and have a ILDA trained Laser Safety Officer on every show site.


We are a professional laser show company that focuses on amazing experiences for everyone.  If you need professional laser light show production for nightclubs, shows,  indoor or out door venues, weddings, or more.. don't hesitate to contact us today!

Laser Show Productions


in the news

Coherent Designs mounted eight laser projectors (the equivalent of 27,600 conventional laser pointers) to the front of Whiskey Business's rooftop, creating a colorful canopy of lights that criss-cross over guests' heads...





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